UltraLinq is a vendor-agnostic, web-based PACS solution that seamlessly integrates into your imaging workflow whether you’re an individual provider, a trust, or anywhere in between.


Clinical Imaging Support: Cardiovascular

Working hand-in-hand with our clients over the past sixteen years, we’ve developed a platform that helps cardiac and vascular specialists simplify their workflow with the clinical tools they need to provide the quality care their patients deserve.

Here are some of the ways our cloud-native PACS can support you:

  • ECG, ABI, and Ambulatory ECG reporting
  • Facilitate remote interpretation for all your exam types
  • Extensive reporting library including professional body standard templates
  • Calibrated post-measurement and annotation tools
  • Comprehensive vascular ultrasound support
  • Flexible workflow to support cardiovascular specialists in all environments:
    • Independent providers, remote reporting services, Cath-labs, secondary and tertiary centre cardiology departments, mobile providers, community services and outreach services, national screening programmes and research application for multi-site programs.

How UltraLinq supports clinicians:
General Ultrasound

Personalized reporting templates of a range of general ultrasound exam types, such as MSK, Thyroid, Abdominal, Lung, Renal, Gall Bladder, and Pelvic.

Attach corresponding images, reports, or worksheets to exams for centralized storage.

Library of anatomical templates allow custom illustration of exam findings, such as using artery diagrams to demonstrate blockages.

Post-processing tools allow annotation of images which can be saved and exported.

We actively support providers in settings such as theatres, imaging and diagnostic centres, hospitals and imaging departments, general ultrasound settings including nephrology, abdominal, pelvic and women's health and research applications.

EMED and POC Workflow Solution

UltraLinq supports clinicians in EMED and POC settings with the following:

  • Provide feedback using QA templates and annotations on EMED reports and images
  • Review exams off-site and send comments directly to trainees through UltraLinq
  • Track credentialing physician progress over time across multiple exam types
  • Once a physician is credentialed, easily transition from credentialing to billing workflow within our system
  • Over-read functionality based on organisational workflow rules

Telemedicine: Multi-Location & Rural Access

UltraLinq offers a telemedicine solution that enables an efficient, remote imaging workflow.

  • Upload exams from any remote site, reducing travel time and improving turnaround time
  • Easily access, read, and report on exams from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Instantly send exams to physicians for review across counties or states
  • Drive accountability with real-time access to the audit trail
  • EMR, digital fax, and email integration for automatic distribution of finalized reports

Women’s Health

UltraLinq offers one centralized place to store imaging exams for your patients through every stage of their reproductive health.

Here are some ways we can support your OB/GYN practice:

  • Structured reporting templates for an array of gynecologic and obstetric exams:
    • Transvaginal or transabdominal pelvic ultrasound
    • I, II, & III trimester fetal ultrasound
    • Maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) targeted obstetrical ultrasound or nuchal translucencies (NT)
    • Fertility evaluations: follicle tracking and HyCoSy
  • Track growth for obstetric and gynecologic evaluations with prior exam comparison
  • Securely share images, annotations, and reports with image sharing, exporting, and EMR integrations
  • Measure fetal growth directly on the image with circular and distance measurements

How UltraLinq supports clinicians: Radiology

We are a teleradiology image management solution.

Here’s how we can support you:

  • Remotely access and report on clips and X-Rays (including DICOM X-Rays) with 8-bit image support
  • Workstation-free remote reading and reporting tools like brightness/contrast, inverting, and other mouse controls and shortcuts
  • Scalable viewing options allow you to compare images or exams side-by-side, and complete a report as you read an exam
  • Expand and collapse CT/MRI slices in real time
  • Dictation software compatibility

NHS Trust

As a cloud-based image and data management solution, UltraLinq is uniquely positioned to ensure that your trust is equipped with the most current technology to view, report on, share, and archive your ultrasounds, X-Rays, ECGs, and more from a single platform. Cloud-based access means you’ll be able to provide the best in health with:


  • Infrastructure strong enough to support your entire trust but agile enough to address your outreach and community projects
  • An easily accessible, DPA-compliant platform for iterative collaboration, second opinions, and referrals
  • Vendor-neutral integration with all imaging machines as well as medical records
  • Affordable, hardware-free solution with 8 year storage and free quarterly upgrades
  • Extensive customer service
  • Current compliance registrations include:
    • Data Protection Act compliance as data handlers with the ICO-ZA136098
    • NHS Shared Business Services IG and IS compliance
    • Privacy Shield Program
    • G-Cloud 9 (Digital Marketplace) Registration
    • Private sector provider compliant with the majority of the private sector hospital and health groups
    • OHS 18001 Registration with HDS
    • NHS Supply Chain Framework
    • Crown Commercial Services

Cloud PACS vs. Traditional PACS:

Learn how UltraLinq provides the tools and flexibility to support your community health service needs.